About the Company

Our Mission Statement

Lien Phat was first established from early 2013, deriving from a team of experts and engineers with more than 10 years of experience in IT. In such changing market as it is today, we are proud to be few of businesses with rewarding growth and stable development.


Become a leading company in South East Asia in terms of products and technology services by 2022 (CEO).

Core Values

As a leading company offering technological products and integrative solution in intellectual property, we have successfully provided and developed service packages, solution and systematic integration approach for big customers in such industries as banking, retail chain, manufacturing lines, logistics, and other domestic and oversea enterprises. . . 

Commitment to quality

We, with business philosophy: ”Service available upon request”, do expect that a trust in professionalism built on the commitment to offer the fastest service with highest quality has laid certain foundation in our valued customers.


This is also the basis impetus for us to achieve our mission: satisfy the best the customers demand on IT products and services, bring back sustainable added value for shareholders and partners, create a fantastic working environment and offer high income for each members, launching activities for the community and nation’s benefits.

Team of Experts

Founded by longtime IT professionals, we are confident we have the best resources to satisfy our customers’ needs. In addition to the IT professionals, the staff of Lien Phat includes a number of specialists in various fields of business such as Manufacturing, Trading, Services, Finance, Banking, Petroleum, Retail,. . .


With strength in personnel, Lien also develops a long-term investment strategy for human resources, with appropriate remuneration policies, dynamic working environment, modern professionalism to attract and talent manager.

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