Backup & Restore Solution

Data backup and recovery has become top concerns of enterprises today, specially, when terms as social network, big data, cloud computing become more popular and usual. Many companies and organizations really needs solution that can remain a backup version in case of trouble, necessarily with some important parts of information. Lien Phat develops and offers solution integrating backup and recovery system according to the needs and business model of each organization, based on the integrated platform of leading technologies of HP, IBM, Symantec, Veritas, etc.


  • Information lifecycle management solution.
  • Disaster Recovery Solution: Automatically restore actions, data process, build a data protection system in order to eliminate factors as disaster, force majeure risks such as earthquake, calamities.
  • DAS, NAS and SAN backup solutions, in which SAN allows centralized management, large and frequent backups of data, unified data & high levels of security.

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