CMS Solution

Card Management System – CMS is a smart card solution researched on the latest technology, integrating optimal security feature with the purpose of providing smooth interactions, safe and unified transaction between banks and business organizations domestically and internationally. More specifically, CMS connect global net work, create many transactions, and certainly shorten the time, distance and minimize the investment cost. The solution of using chip card enhances the security level in identification, that‘s why today most business towardly apply this system to control and monitor their whole perating system and internal network.

Lien Phat recently promotes to research and develop consultancies for organizations aiming to apply smart CMS more efficient. We also working to bring the utmostutilities to end-users by adding following services:


  • Consulting suitable application software to the needs of each organization.
  • Providing periodically system maintenance service.
  • Upgrading the CMS depending on the scale and development of the enterprises.