Core Banking Solutions

Core banking includes software systems that integrate applications in sectors as information management, asset management, transaction management, risk management, etc. More specifically, core banking information contents of money, assets, accounting documents, banking data, etc. Besides, this system works relentlessly to provide transaction services, via the Internet, ATMs, and cards. In addition, customers can use single code only at a bank to transact anywhere both internal and outside system. Core banking also bring higher security, easy to develop new business products without changing the code into the program. Thus, almost bankers today are applying positively this system to their business process.


Depending on the business objectives of each banking type as commerce or development,. . . , Lien Phat will provide and consult design different core banking solution, carefully calculating to save costs and useful. We also monitor, update and upgrade the system periodically.


  • Provide advice in core banking solution.
  • Develop supporting software related to core banking.
  • Offer training and consulting core banking.
  • Upgrading core banking.