We all know that the main benefit of customer management system is creating a solution that enterprises can easy to monitor and manage their operations. Today, besides the traditional CRM installed on server, Lien Phat strongly recommends customers applying the modern CRM solutions as Cloud CRM, not only creating a smooth and transparent system from sales to marketing, but also help them easy to follow and catch up daily activities. Furthermore, data stored in the Data Center of CRM Service suppliers, connecting through browser. Enterprises, therefore, can minimize the financial risks, capital costs, also easily manage information about sales, KPIs. . .


Depending on business type of each customer, Lien Phat would give different consultancies to build proper solutions, annual maintenance and support, upgrading for CRM system.


Lien Phat would offer CRM solution suitable with each enterprise based on common factor s of the solution:


  • Confidentiality of customer info.
  • Customer management.
  • Sake staff management.
  • Detailed report (inventory/ fund, revenue, cost, company development status on the chart).