Lien Phat Technology Corporation advises and provides total solutions on configuration selection, deployment and integration of server and storage systems for businesses, depending on the size and needs of each customer. In addition, with knowledge about server and storage products of HPe, DellEMC, Nutanix, ... Lien Phat also helps customers design and deploy specialized solutions for Virtualization, Machine partitioning. Server - Storage, high-end cloud computing solutions or suitable for specialized applications such as Core Banking, Core Securities, ERP infrastructure ...

Nowadays, the network not only meets the basic connection requirements but also has to meet higher requirements in terms of bandwidth and service quality. Lien Phat's engineering team will advise and deploy an optimal structure for each needs of businesses.

Unstable storage systems and servers can lead to great damage to the business. Lien Phat Company with many years of experience in this field will advise and deploy the storage system and server with a separate structure, suitable for each organization and enterprise to bring a clear investment efficiency.

Lien Phat Techology Corporation has a lot of experience in consulting, managing and building virtualized infrastructure for servers, virtualization of tourism market, building private cloud, public cloud and hybrid cloud. Help customers save on management costs, resources, and focus more on improving their enterprise services on this platform.

Recently, information and data have become one of the valuable assets of enterprises, information security has become a vital issue. Lien Phat understands and provides the most advanced information security solutions, at the same time advises on the most effective and timely solutions and solutions.

DataCenter infrastructure includes power supply system, cooling, fire protection, security monitoring, network connection, transmission, NOC ... Lien Phat can provide full support for customers from surveying, private consultancy, implementation, construction and operation monitoring. Ensure DataCenter infrastructure works stably 24/7.



Digital transformation is a popular concept in recent times that describes the application of digital technology to all aspects of businesses. When implemented effectively, digital transformation will radically change the way a business operates, increase collaboration efficiency, optimize productivity and deliver value to customers.

LP-CMS is built to connect existing camera system of customers from separate and ineffective devices into a complete security surveillance center.

The goal of the system is to monitor, store and process video in real time, from there centralized administration of security at the surveillance center.

The basic components of a LP-CMS system:
- The host hardware system and switches
- Camera management software / IoT devices
- Protective equipment system, handling situations
- Surveillance camera system, IoT equipment, sensor system

LP-CMS can be applied to many fields, from business to production such as:
- Surveillance, image analysis, security warning system
- Monitoring system, data analysis combined with sales system
- Factory monitoring system, intrusion warning, explosion warning
- Smart parking system combined with centralized management of camera for the building ...

LPC-RFID is a management solution in hospital using RFID technology that Lien Phat cooperates with Bordatech (Turkey). This platform has many different modules depending on the management needs of the hospital such as: asset management using RFID tags, safety management for elderly patients, infants, pharmaceutical information, hospital access, ...

Starting from the needs of customers to manage fixed assets in the medical sector, hotels need to integrate with existing operating systems from HIS, ERP, Accounting ... LPC develops a compact and flexible AMS system. , multi-platform operation from desktop to mobile.

The combination with a dedicated device to read 1D, 2D, and RFID Tag barcodes has helped customers speed up inventory many times, minimizing personnel costs as well as time affecting business operations. like other traditional, manual management options.

The platform is built on an open source platform, flexible in customizing from interfaces to functional modules to meet the most specific processes of the Customer.

The completion of the BPM system helps LPC solve many difficult problems in many fields, through experiences from the implementation process, and experiences from customers with long-term experience in the industry. LP-BPM is successfully applied in process building for Customers with specific requirements that other software on the market cannot meet. Some applications of the LP-BPM Platform:
- The system manages the medical examination and treatment process and automatically extracts the reports automatically
- Remote examination and treatment system and electronic medical records
- Data synchronization system of ERP - DMS system
- The system connecting payment gateway NAPAS - Mobile Banking - Internetbanking



Lien Phat's expert team is fully equipped with the necessary knowledge to evaluate, analyze and understand technology problems from the perspective of business and market needs in order to offer solutions. suitable. With a business philosophy that is ready to serve, we always want to give our customers confidence in professionalism, committed by the fastest response with the best quality.

Services include:
- Consulting, designing & constructing overall IT system including solution, Server, Application, Service.
- Consulting to upgrade and deploy the system.
- Answering technical requirements.
- Presenting and developing modern and high technology solutions. (Cloud Computing, Virtualization, Data Store, Backup, ...)

PMS (Print Management Service) is an outsourced service to manage an organization's printing environment with office equipment such as printers, multifunction devices as well as print-related workflows. press.

Benefits of the Service
- Increase productivity of company employees because printers are provided with high capacity to quickly respond to user needs.
- Reduce printing costs of companies from 10% - 30%
- Increased efficiency in use. One partner for service calls, offers automatic ink pump, removal of storage equipment, maintenance kit, tonner. Document security with encryption algorithms. Avoid data loss
- Raise users' sense of using print for work. Flexible storage and printing. Allows printing at any time and place
- Easily allocate exact expenses for each department
- Protect unauthorized access to printing devices

With a dynamic economy like today, office relocation is a really essential need. However, moving IT systems is not simple and has many potential risks.

Foreseeing this practical need, LPC provides Information Technology System Relocation Service Package with high professionalism and security of customer information.

Services include:
- Survey assessment current system status.
- Surveying new placement locations.
- Data center design and consulting to build the system according to professional standards.
- Carry out relocation of IT systems.
- Support for troubleshooting.
- Document infrastructure after relocation.
- Support after relocation.

- Cloud consulting services - IaaS, SaaS, PaaS
- Infrastructure conversion service from On Premise to Cloud
- Cloud Computing deployment services: Microsoft 365, Azure VM, Azure Backup, Azure Protection ...

Devices As A Service (DaaS) is a service that provides PCs, laptops, phones, tablets, servers, network equipment and IT equipment as a paid service. DaaS allows you to physically and scale devices as needed and update to new hardware more often and quickly without stressing your main business.

- Extend capacity in quantity as well as easy to configure when needed
- Switch from cost of ownership to operating expenses
- Volume block for IT staff to install and configure equipment
- Conf configured after each determines the time